Owner and Director

Kristel was born and raised in Utah with a few years spent in Las Vegas, Nevada but no matter how many times she tried to leave, she always found her way back home to Utah!
Her passion for children began at a young age between her siblings, 60+ cousins, and her neighborhood in Heber Valley. She began babysitting at age 8 and was dubbed the "Baby Whisperer" for her knack to get the littles calmed and asleep quickly.

Kristel began her career in Early Childhood Education in high school in conjunction with Dixie State University in 2010 followed by UVU after graduating. After the births of her two children, she began working in childcare centers. Kristel was introduced to the Montessori philosophy in 2012 and quickly implemented Montessori methods in her home with her own children.  She then opened a state licensed 

in-home childcare in 2013. 

She wanted to gain experience in all areas of childcare and understanding the business aspect before pursuing her lifelong dream of opening a school when the time was right. She studied Montessori for several years until she had the opportunity to study under a private Montessori educator for two years in 2016. She is currently completing her degree and credentials in Montessori education along with her CDA. Her children have been enrolled at a Montessori charter school since 2017.

Kristel is a Jill-of-all-trades with certification as a CNA, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, and entrepreneur. She loves holistic health, yoga, meditation, art, music, plants, outdoor life, and above all else, being a mother to her two little humans.

Kristel is so grateful for this opportunity to implement her vision and experience within a child-centered environment. Thank you for trusting us to be part of your village to teach your children.




Kayla spent her early years in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Her family owned a small plot of

land and she had an exciting childhood playing outside, building forts and time machines, making mud baths, recruiting lizard friends, and had all kinds of pets (even two goats!). She is passionate about

understanding the human experience and explored this passion at Utah Valley University. While at UVU, she enjoyed the philosophical side of Psychology, pondering and researching questions such as, “How do we know what we know?” She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology in 2013. She has worked in the residential field, traveled around the world, is an entrepreneur, a plant-based food enthusiast, self proclaimed cook, minimalist, indoor plant collector, wife, and a mother of two. Growing older and having a family has furthered her love of the human experience. Over the years she has developed a love for nutrition, parenting philosophies, wellness, creativity, entrepreneurship, ongoing education, and most importantly, getting outside of her comfort zone. 

Kayla is thrilled about the opportunity to continue creating and perfecting an effective Montessori program in tandem with the teachers at Inquisitive Minds Montessori. She is enthusiastic about child-led learning and the opportunities it gives students as they grow and develop



Assistant Director

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Primary Lead Teacher 

Naomi Kerr grew up in Kennewick, Washington and moved to Utah in 2011. 

She attended BYU and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science Teaching. She recently completed a Professional Teaching English as a Second Language certificate at the University of Utah. 

Naomi’s top hobbies include hiking, reading, and playing board games with friends and family. 

Her favorite thing about working in Early Childhood Education is watching the children get excited about learning. They are at a stage where they are brimming over with questions and she loves being able to help them get some answers. One of Naomi’s biggest strengths as a teacher is being able to teach information with enthusiasm and empathy. Naomi loves Montessori because of the control the students have over their learning and the hands-on nature of the material.



Preschool Lead Teacher 

Shiwani's birth place is Himachal Pradesh which is in North India. Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by beautiful mountains.
During her time in India, she completed her Master's in Mathematics and Bachelor's in Education. Shiwani has experience teaching in middle school and early childhood. Shiwani has been working as an assistant teacher for over a year. She has attended Early Childhood Education conferences and is currently working on her CDA.
Shiwani loves painting, listening to music, and watching movies.
She loves the way being a teacher can change a child's life and behavior in positive ways. She is passionate about teaching her students how to handle difficulties in their life and how to be a great human being.
Shiwani's strengths as a teacher include patience, leadership, and team work.
She loves how the Montessori philosophy develops patience in children.



Toddler Lead Teacher

Andrea grew up in Houston, Texas and has a Mexican heritage. She grew up in a close blended family with many siblings. Some of her fondest childhood memories include ice cream trips to the park on cold winter days and attending all of her family’s extra curricular activities. 

Andrea has been in the Montessori education field for 4 years and is working towards achieving her Montessori teaching credential. She is passionate about teaching and Montessori methods. 

In her free time, Andrea enjoys creative outlets such as photography, art, and crafts. She also enjoys watching movies. 

Her favorite aspect of working in early childhood education is interacting with students. She loves getting to know each student’s personality and witnessing them flourish in a Montessori environment. 

Andrea is patient, loving, organized, and responsible. She loves how children thrive when they are given space to have independence and freedom within their learning. She believes that even though children are small, they are capable of so much!



Infant Lead Teacher

Violet is passionate about writing. In her free time Violet enjoys songwriting, reading, writing, and simply being alive. Violet loves working with young children because she loves that she can apply what she has learned to her students. She strives to be an emotionally supportive, empathetic, and reliable person. Her goal in her classroom is to show each child how lovable they are and how fun learning can be. Violet loves Montessori because it focuses on the whole child. She loves that autonomy is celebrated and that each student is treated with love and respect. 



Assistant Toddler Teacher

Kandice identifies as an incredibly nerdy, cold weather mountain girl. Having lived in Utah her entire life,

she has developed a love for hiking, camping, and skiing. She and her mother both love and adore the opera and ballet. 

Kandice has always loved kids. In high school, she taught at the on-site preschool and daycare. She

easily fell in love with the children she worked with and has filled every moment since being in childcare.

She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at Utah Valley

University. One of her favorite things about working with the littles is the light in their eyes when they

discover something new whether it be their feet, a bug, or an airplane. She is excited to work at

Inquisitive Minds Montessori because of the opportunities the children will have to make their own

discoveries. Kandice cultivates an environment that nurtures young minds. You can often find her singing and teaching the children in different languages.



Assistant Toddler Teacher

Jacey grew up in the East Millcreek area. She is the youngest of four girls and is passionate about her family.

She spends her free time watching football, dancing, baking, and volunteering with Millie’s Princess

Foundation. Jacey has taught dance for many years where she owned a dance studio and loves working with children. She enjoys watching

them learn and grow. Her favorite part of working in Early Childhood Education is the opportunity to

practice positive reinforcement, being silly, and having fun. She is passionate about Montessori

methods and has enjoyed watching her own children go through Montessori programs. She truly believes in educating the whole child and facilitating learning through play and hands on experiences. 

“Of all things, love is the most potent.” 

-Maria Montessori



Assistant Primary Teacher

Emma is the oldest in her family and has been impacted greatly by caring for her younger siblings. Her

family dynamic has taught her gentleness, patience, compassion and trust. Her father is from South Africa and from an early age she has been exposed to and shaped by a blended culture. Emma is fascinated by all living things and has always loved insects, plants, and all things nature. She is currently majoring in Biology at UVU and considering career paths of botany or Early Childhood Education. Her hobbies are caring for her house plants and cats, painting, drawing, practicing yoga, spending quality time with family, and working on crafts. Emma loves watching children light up when they are learning  something new and thriving. She loves encouraging imaginative play, children’s sense of humor, and the lessons she learns from her students.

Emma facilitates and environment where her students are seen, heard, validated, and cared for. She is

passionate about the Montessori method as an effective tool to help children discover and embrace the

intricacies of life.



 Facility Assistant

Hailey has been home schooled since 6th grade in a Montessori home. She is the oldest of 5 siblings and is currently working on finishing high school. Hailey enjoys a variety of hobbies including drawing, sewing, crocheting, organizing, and painting. She aspires to be an author. 

Hailey enjoys getting to know the students and learning how to prepare classroom spaces. She describes herself as hardworking and orderly. She loves Montessori because students are free to learn about what interests them. She loves that they are met at their own level and learn at their own pace.



Assistant Infant Teacher

 Victoria is from the beautiful sprawl of a city; Houston, Texas. After growing up in a Hispanic house, she was always open to learning different cultures. She is currently in school studying Elementary Education and History. She has worked in Montessori for over a year and she is passionate about helping the children strive to be their best. Her favorite hobbies are painting, cooking, and crafts. She loves new experiences and journeys. Her favorite thing about working in Early Childhood Education is how enjoyable and funny the children are in day to day activities. Her strengths include patience, a loving demeanor, and caring above and beyond for the students. What she loves the most about the Montessori methods is seeing the children grow and learn at their own pace.  




Extended Program Coordinator

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Substitute Teachers



Substitute Teacher

Lara grew up in Utah and comes from a large family. She loves spending time with her siblings, nieces, and nephews.

Lara has over 8 years of experience in the education field and is currently enrolled at Western Governor’s University pursuing her dual license in Special Education and Elementary Education. 

In her free time Lara enjoys creating, puzzles, playing volleyball, crafts and spending quality time with her family. 

Lara is known for being patient and understanding with her students. She authentically enjoys connecting with her students and inventing games with them.

Lara loves early education because of the genuine nature of children. She loves how easily children love. She loves the Montessori philosophy because it is child focused. Montessori makes children's needs the main focus and cultivates independence and self sufficiency. She loves IMM because of the authentic connection she has with her team and students and because of the space that IMM provides her students to learn and grow.



Substitute Teacher

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