About Montessori

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Dr. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was a physician, anthropologist, and pedogogue who was born in Chiaravalle, Italy in 1870. She was the first woman to graduate from medicine in Italy and was nominated three times for a Nobel Peace Prize. In 1901, she began to develop her own method of teaching children when she established her private practice to further research and observe children. She spent over fifty years in her professional career studying children and traveled extensively to spread the Montessori education all over the world. She passed away in 1952 at the age of 81. Her son, Mario, carried on her legacy and leadership for the Association Montessori Internationale. Montessori is not trademarked, nor is it a franchise operation. Each school is individually owned and operated.

Montessori Educators

Maria Montessori felt that in developing the child's fullest potential, the key is for teachers to learn to be a great observer and rely on intuition to learn what children need as individuals and as a whole. The goal is for our teachers to support each child through their own journey of self-development while providing a space of respect, love, and choice. 

Additionally, our teachers are trained to ensure that they are modeling the appropriate behaviors for our environment to include consistency, calmness, and courteousness. They observe, help, and guide the learning process for each child as Montessori is progressive rather than a traditional style of learning.

Key Principles of Montessori

  • Creating a Montessori environment specifically for children
  • Freedom to move throughout their learning space. Learning is accomplished through movement.
  • Freedom of choice and implementing a system of intrinsic motivation. Learning is the reward.
  • Providing the opportunities for self-development
  • Guidance vs instruction
  • Having access to hands-on materials and manipulatives
  • Peer learning

Mixed Age Classrooms

Typically in a Montessori environment, children are placed in mixed age groups. The benefit of mixed age groups include children teaching and learning from each other and builds a sense of pride in their abilities. Older children model advanced behaviors to younger peers which assists in developing a classroom of cooperation rather than competition. Children begin to learn patience, empathy, and self-esteem.

Montessori-inspired Program

Our program includes a large portion of Montessori principles and methods in addition to a few Waldorf and Reggio philosophies to create a uniquely designed program for each child to learn and explore in the most natural way possible. 

 "Education, as today conceived, is something separated both from biological and social life.  All who enter the educational world tend to be cut off from society…People are prepared for life by exclusion from it.” 

-Maria Montessori